Diffusing Intelligent Transportation Systems into market

Years: 2012-2014

Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are innovative, IT-powered applications, which enable novel approaches and optimised processes in transport modes and traffic management. They play an important role by shaping the future ways of mobility, as they improve safety, reliability, efficiency and quality.

LGI is involved in a collaborative network with universities, industry and transport stakeholders, in a project aiming at identifying success factors influencing the ITS innovation chain, for new technologies to reach their market potential.

LGI is mandated to analyse the technological state-of-the-art and characterise innovation value chains. On the demand side, cost structures and revenue models are analysed for each stakeholder. This 360Β° analysis allows LGI to carry out a macroeconomic impact analysis of ITS in Europe.

Sector: Transport & Mobility