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LGI’s CEO presents transatlantic GEMINI initiative at international conference in China

htr_vincentEuropean and US partners have launched an international endeavour called GEMINI, to jointly develop advanced industrial cogeneration technology. The initiative gathers actors from industry and research, and targets the development of next-generation, intrinsically-safe nuclear technology for high temperature applications in various energy-intensive industries such as refineries, chemical plants, steelmakers and hydrogen producers.

Following workshops in Washington, D.C. and Brussels earlier this year, the GEMINI initiative was officialised with the recent signature of a memorandum of understanding. This week, LGI and Areva Inc. co-presented GEMINI to the international community gathered in Shidao, China, on the occasion of the HTR2014 conference.

LGI has been involved in this tech track since the mid-2000s, by delivering strategic marketing, public communication, and management support to the European partners of the initiative.

Read more at www.gemini-initiative.com and www.nc2i.eu.

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