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LGI takes part in a White Paper on the Nature-Based Economy – open for consultation now!

The paper, “From Nature-based solutions to the nature-based economy”, is a synthesis of an Expert Publication prepared by the EC Task Force III on “Governance, Business Models and Financial Mechanisms” *, in which LGI is involved via the CLEARING HOUSE project. The paper proposes a paradigm shift towards a nature-based economy perspective, by valuing natural capital and enabling its incorporation in the economic system.

A public consultation on the white paper is now open, we invite you to give your feedback!

This draft White Paper consultation is aimed at policymakers at all levels of government and across all fields of policy implementation. It will be particularly valuable in stimulating cross-sectoral policy dialogues between policy makers responsible for climate change and/or biodiversity policy and those responsible for sustainable economic growth policies within the context of rapidly depleting stocks of natural capital. The recommendations of this White Paper provide a basis for dialogue with wider stakeholders in business, society, the investment community and the innovation ecosystem on the changes needed to shift towards a nature-based economy. The consultation will close on 10 September 2021.

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The responses received will form the basis for the EC Expert Publication which we are preparing with Task Force III members on the nature-based economy and will be launched at the European Business Summit in November 2021.

Text from: https://networknature.eu/consultation-draft-nature-based-economy-white-paper

*Task Force III on “Governance, Business Models and Financial Mechanisms” aims to support and accelerate private sector uptake of NbS, and stimulate private sector investment in NbS, to move in the direction of an inclusive nature-based economy that creates new business opportunities and green employment (especially in light of post-COVID-19).