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WE.Actum platform is switching up the game for policy creation

WE.ACTUM is an open platform dedicated to energy policy. Funded through the H2020 ENTRUST project and designed by LGI as a partner in the project, it is taking over the concept of ‘energy citizenship’. WE.ACTUM is designed for citizens, researchers and policy makers alike.

The platform supports a democratic, transparent and co-creative vision by developing a policy lab and enabling citizens to propose and vote for energy policy recommendations. Additionally, the platform’s rich content – its energy policy database and information on national and sector-specific energy strategies – could provide inputs to policy-makers and energy experts.
The ENTRUST project focuses on the social dimension of the energy system, moving beyond the ‘energy as a commodity’ paradigm. Developing the concept of energy citizenship, the project takes an intersectional approach to analysing the effects gender, age, and socioeconomic status have on transitioning to a low carbon energy system.