The LGI Innovation Journey


About the Journey

Innovation-journeyAt LGI, we help startups and entrepreneurs create, design and test their innovative services and products.

For us, each entrepreneur and startup is unique and needs specific support depending on where they stand in the process. We see innovation as a challenging journey from the awakening phase up until commercialisation.

Anybody can innovate, but the journey demands a great set of skills and it’s easy to feel lost. After several years of working with innovators, we created the LGI Innovation Journey with adapted methodologies for each step of the innovation process to make ideas thrive.

We’re all passionate about innovation, so get ready to co-create!


The different phases and associated methods

Innovation journey 2



Every innovation journey starts with an idea. The ideation phase is about entering into a creative mode and thinking outside of the box, quickly generating ideas, without criticising each others’ findings.

We can help you and your team with this by organising, facilitating and moderating ideation sessions thanks to a portfolio of dedicated methods, such as Brainstorming, Creative thinking, Creative matrix, LEGO® Serious Play®, Business Model Ideation and Wall of ideas.


Whether you’re designing a disruptive product or service, you’re creating it for people. Ensuring a deep understanding of the context and the environment you’re in is the secret of great design. Don’t stick to your initial hypothesis but go out and challenge them!

We can guide you through the process of understanding your customers, their needs and more globally the overall context through our explorative approach that builds on visual and creative tools, such as the Customer Journey, the Value Proposition Canvas, the Context Canvas, user surveys and the Lean Canvas.


An innovation journey is not a quiet road and you’ll need to stand out from the competition. And for this, you need to understand your market and identify your own strengths & weaknesses to design your own business model and secure your pitch.

We can work with you to identify your customer segments, characterise the market and develop the most adequate business model accordingly. Depending on your status and progress, we use various methods:  market insights, Competition analysis, Business Model Canvas, SWOT analysis, BM Crash tests, Storytelling Canvas, Start-up Pitch, the Riskiest Assumption, the Experiment Canvas, Validation Canvas


Once the whole concept is defined, it’s time to test it: build a first prototype, test it, collect feedbacks and adapt/modify iteratively and continuously until we find the version of your innovation that best fits the market.

To help you in this phase and foster your development, we team up with technological experts in Prototyping, Living Labs and user feedbacks.


Ready, steady… one last step to go: define a clear strategy before taking the big plunge.

Whether it concerns how you commercialise your product/service, the way you communicate, the strategic choices you intend to take or the different milestones you will have to reach, a plan is necessary.

We can support you in defining a commercialisation strategy, a communication plan and a dedicated marketing approach as well as advise you on strategic partnerships.



Eva Boo, Innovation Manager