A snapshot of the key sectors we are involved in


 Environment & Climate • Low Carbon Energies • Smart & Sustainable Territories

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Transport & Mobility

LGI’s experience in the transport and mobility sector includes global industry analysis, market research and forecasts, technology screening and IT solutions. Our vision allows us to become a preferred partner to deliver consulting on innovative mobility solutions.

LGI brings forth industry analyses of the sector trends and opportunities to help companies efficiently address complex challenges, and to design new mobility solutions and systems. Our team of experts monitors the whole value chain of the automotive and transport sector, with a special focuson low-carbon transport, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Machine to Machine (M2M) technologies, and smart cities projects.

• Benchmark of new business models and governance of carsharing initiatives (2018)
• Evaluation of transport infrastructure management processes and design of new business models (2016-2017)
• Analysis of drivers and barriers of implementing ITS in the different transport modes (2012-2014)
• Disruptive communication strategy for a logistics company (2009-2011)


In today’s global changing economy, access to secure and affordable energy supply is a key economic enabler. The use of energy in an efficient manner is essential for both sustainable development and global competitiveness.

Energy is our main sector of intervention. Our team of market researchers and innovation experts has worked in more than 20 projects covering the full value chain, including generation, distribution and commercialisation. LGI works in all segments of the industry (renewable, nuclear and fossil-fired generation, grid management, energy storage…). We are involved in forward-looking and breakthrough projects in a number of areas such as advanced generation technologies, smart grids and energy storage.

• Market studies for advanced nuclear systems such as small modular reactors (SMR) or high-temperature reactors (2011, 2013-2014)
• Smart-mapping heat & power cogeneration infrastructures in Europe (2013-2014)
• Market study on the potential of smart grids for electric vehicles (2013)
• Supporting an industry-led project on pre-normative research for safety of hydrogen energy (2012-2014)
• SWOT and gap analysis on nuclear cogeneration (2012)
• Comprehensive innovation report on one advanced power generation technology (2011)

Smart Cities

While cities represent only  2-3% of the total land surface, nearly half of the world’s population lives in cities – and this number is expected to grow up to 80% in 2050. Today cities are responsible for 75% of energy consumption and between 60-80% of total global emissions. Thus a global approach integrating water management, mobility, energy, waste treatment and intelligent buildings is needed to move towards resource-efficient cities, which contributes to local and global sustainability.

LGI’s experience in smart cities integrates market studies, business modelling and exploitation plans for new and innovative solutions addressing the high, untapped potential of resource-efficient cities.

• Business modelling for optimising energy efficiency in the built environment (2013-2014)
• Support to resource-efficient municipalities implementing advanced smart city solutions (2013)

Process industry

Manufacturing industries in Europe are confronted with an increasing number of challenges: competitiveness in a globalised economy, climate and environment regulations and technological gamechangers are the most significant.

LGI has been conducting studies and consultancy projects in several industrial sectors, sometimes combined with one key issue, such as energy consumption.

• Prospective analysis of industrial supply chain (2013-2014)
• Comprehensive study on energy usage of European process industries: chemistry, steelmaking, refineries, industrial gases, pulp & paper (2009-2010)
• Project management office for a transformation programme in a world leading steelmaking company (2007-2008)

Information and Communication Technologies

When innovating, ICT and telecom companies deliver business and social transformation that contribute to shaping the evolution of society. In an interconnected world, where a majority of people can access information anywhere and at anytime, new opportunities and business models can and do appear at a growing pace.

LGI’s ICT team comprises engineers and analysts who provide guidance in R&D investment, advanced technologies and software innovation. For instance, LGI closely follows current and prospective trends in Big Data, M2M communication, NFC, cloud computing and open innovation networks, among others.

• Analysis of the strategy, positioning and business model of a public institute with the digital transformation (2017)
• Analysis of the impact of the digital transformation on the French automobility sector (2016-2018)
• Conception of an online collaboration platform combining open innovation and phase-gate schemes in a social network environment, and successful deployment in dozens of corporations throughout Europe (2012-2014)