LGI in brief

Human scale. Interdisciplinary. Forward-thinking.


LGI teamFounded in 2005, LGI Consulting is a European innovation-driven consultancy focused on value creation along four business lines:

  • Innovation Strategy – ranging from blue ocean business modelling to corporate innovation strategy and in-depth studies
  • Management Consulting – covering programme and project management, R&D and innovation performance and training
  • Digital Solutions – including IT strategy and tailored web & software solutions
  • Communication & Design– including strategic planning, digital presence, editorial services, design and event management

Our ‘multispecialist’ team presents a diversity of educational and professional backgrounds, including Engineering & Science, Architecture & Design-Thinking, Business, Finance & Economics,
Law, Communication, Social & Political Sciences, and Information Technology.

Our range of expertise and services enable us to tackle complex challenges in designing and managing innovation, as well as business modeling, strategic planning, programme management, information systems and online solutions.

We work with multinational companies, small and medium enterprises, research centres, universities and public institutions from across Europe in a number of sectors.

LGI’s offices are based in Paris, home to our headquarters, Brussels, Marseille and Valencia, with representations located in Lille and Montpellier.

  • For the responsiveness, efficiency and flexibility that a human-scale company offers
  • For our interdisciplinary and international team, driven by creativity, innovation and achievement
  • For our wide and evolving range of services and know-how
  • For our value in building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients, employees and suppliers
  • For our extensive network of partners and experts worldwide