Innovation Strategy

Add value. Grow with technology or market innovation. Set trends.

  • LGI Consulting offers a wide range of consulting services to support our clients’ decision-making with a strategy base. The firm’s strategic marketing approach is based on insight into both advanced technological developments and novel business models, with innovation at the heart of the process.

    • Insight on markets and stakeholders

    LGI’s approach combines the analysis of technological development with market and social drivers to support our customers with a global innovation approach. Our services include market research and forecasts, global industry analysis, stakeholder mapping, which enable our clients to address their key challenges and exploit their strategic opportunities.

    In our approach, product screening is followed by demand analysis in order to quantify and qualify the market and potential involvement of key stakeholders.

    • Business model innovation

    We design innovative business models based on in-depth techno-economic analyses, cost-benefit ratios and strategic marketing approaches, with the objective of considering the influence and the value proposition of each stakeholder. For this purpose, a stakeholder analysis will shed light on market rules and existing business models in the sector. Business modelling then aims at defining the best parameters to provide an economically viable canvas for innovation, be it incremental or breakthrough.

    Business models are one of the key steps of the innovation process, as they validate the novel product’s potential market viability. At LGI, we provide our clients with tailored business models to their product, service or process innovation. We have built our approach by benchmarking several methodological trends against real case studies, and are continuously assembling a suitable library of typical business models.

    • Business plans for commercialising novel technology & services

    Closely following business modelling, the exploitation and business plans are essential steps before commercialisation. LGI’s expertise in high-tech sectors allows us to provide our clients with well-suited strategies for a prompt market take-up.

    We provide our clients with tailored business plans covering commercialisation, price fixing, financing sources, cash-flow and return on investment, distribution channels and potential partners to increase value proposition.

    • Technology screening and roadmapping

    LGI also delivers technology watch & scouting, with consolidated and continuous data streams from professional databases, networks and event monitoring; we add value with our data classification, prioritisation and ad hoc analyses. We can also deliver technology briefs on a specific sector or product. Read more about our key sectors of intervention.

    We have close relationships with R&D centres and industries throughout Europe, and are involved in numerous collaborative research and innovation projects and networks. This allows LGI to enhance our analyses with recent and prospective data. We use foresight and scenario analysis to identify trends and opportunities in technology and market developments.

    LGI provides these services to large corporations as well as small-to-medium businesses, generally in high-tech, knowledge-intensive industries.

    • Innovation programmes for private companies and public authorities

    Our involvement across sectors enables us to support our clients, from R&D to industry, with detailed innovation programmes. LGI provides assessment studies in the development of policy and technology action plans, to optimise R&D resources and enhance innovation levels. Innovation programmes cover technology development and impact assessment, and can apply a wide range of topics, such as the development of new research facilities, technology collaboration platforms, or local or national innovation programmes.

  • A selection of past and ongoing projects

    Years: 2012-2013

    Sector: Aeronautics, Space, Security & Defence

    Terrorist attacks are a growing concern for the public – among them the ‘CBRN’ threat based on chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear material. Bio-detection and identification devices (used in crisis management or for continuous monitoring) are expected to represent a global market of approximately $5b by 2016. Public authorities, as well as critical infrastructure managers worldwide, play a key role as stakeholders guiding innovation.

    In this context, LGI conducts a market research study, identified and rated existing technologies, and formulated an exploitation strategy for a new highly innovative device – including intellectual property, certification, licensing and marketing.

    Years: 2012-2014

    Sector: Transport & Mobility

    Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are innovative, IT-powered applications, which enable novel approaches and optimised processes in transport modes and traffic management. They play an important role by shaping the future ways of mobility, as they improve safety, reliability, efficiency and quality.

    LGI is involved in a collaborative network with universities, industry and transport stakeholders, in a project aiming at identifying success factors influencing the ITS innovation chain, for new technologies to reach their market potential.

    LGI is mandated to analyse the technological state-of-the-art and characterise innovation value chains. On the demand side, cost structures and revenue models are analysed for each stakeholder. This 360° analysis allows LGI to carry out a macroeconomic impact analysis of ITS in Europe.

    Years: 2012-2015

    Sector: Smart Cities

    Buildings are responsible for 40% of the total energy consumption in Europe. This has a significant impact at each stage of the construction lifecycle. Optimising energy efficiency in buildings is an operational issue rather than a matter of design. Several value chain stakeholders joined to develop an innovative, web-based decision-support tool that provides information on future building energy consumption and the implementation of solutions.

    LGI conducts a market analysis to quantify and qualify stakeholders’ needs, and identifies their cost structure and potential revenues to develop innovative business models.

    Years: Since 2011

    Sector: Nuclear Power

    A leading European utility reached out to partner with a specialised consultancy for supporting its nuclear innovation strategy.

    LGI was selected to deliver a technology roadmap and continuous innovation scouting in order to produce bimonthly watch bulletins covering all areas of the technology: components, safety, fuel, control & IT, maintenance, decommissioning, nuclear fusion, as well as innovative business models.

    Years: 2010-2011

    Sector: Process Industry

    Traditional industrial sectors, which are energy intensive, are subject to tight constraints linked to the fluctuation of fossil fuel prices and regulations due to their carbon footprint. In addition, necessary optimisation approaches of production processes in several sectors, such as steel, chemicals, refining or industrial gases, imply various options for (partial) decarbonisation.

    In this context, LGI carried out a market study on industrial heat consumption, and penetration options of new technologies.