Digital Solutions

We work as one with our clients and partners to deliver highly performing digital tools and solutions to best serve their needs.

  • LGI works closely with its clients and partners in a stepped approach to develop customised digital solutions. We design and develop applications that are user-friendly, modern and easily adaptable and upgradable.

    The Digital Solutions team also supports our consulting activities by allowing LGI to offer solutions and software, adding value to the consultants’ work for our clients. LGI also conducts IT audit and recommendations.

    • Application and software design & development

    Since its founding, LGI designs and develops tailored software and web applications.

    • Design 
      IT designers at LGI conduct preliminary opportunity studies and define the software or web design best suited for each requirement. This includes design specification (compatibility, extensibility, maintainability, reliability, robustness, security, usability, performance), mockup & wireframing, and integration of visual identity into websites, community platforms, and other applications.

    • Development
      Our IT analysts develop and maintain customised applications, either as standalone software, web or mobile services and applications, and associated databases. Such applications have been deployed for a range of uses such as business process dematerialisation, collaborative frameworks, optimisation of information flow, interfacing corporate IT with third party software (such as accounting, CRM, ERP), and so on. We also develop e-learning or m-learning software.

    • IT Audit and Consultancy

    IT and management consultants at LGI work together to conduct audits of the IT function performance in our clients’ organisations and to deliver IT strategy consultancy. This covers the following tracks:

    • Data strategy
      We assist our client in defining their data management strategy, including data architecture definition, and outsourcing / cloud computing opportunity analyses. We provide consulting or coaching on Big Data related opportunities. We also support infrastructure and hardware specifications, and can ensure contractor selection and coordination.

    • IT management control
      LGI assists its clients with the optimisation of the IT function, including Enterprise Architecture; ergonomics (usability and functionality); IT security; and mobile device / BYOD strategic support.

  • A selection of past and ongoing projects

    Years: Since 2013

    Sector: Nuclear technology

    Nuclear energy is a high-tech, competitive sector that is closely regulated by national authorities. Industry and public research centres collaborate on the definition and implementation of technological roadmaps to respond to the sector’s safety and competitive requirements.

    LGI developed and deployed a platform based on open innovation concepts, phase-gate development and corporate social media. It allows all players in the value chain to bring about and develop collaborative projects targeting the needs of industry and public authorities.

    Years: 2011-2012

    Sector: Education

    A major institute of a historic French university needed a showcase that measures up to its reputation and international imprint: its obsolete website hurt its image with an international audience, mostly students.

    A tailored audit, consulting and implementation mission on the technological state of the art of their website was performed by LGI: the new showcase now counts 3 million page views per year.

    Years: Since 2006

    Sector: Education

    Each year training institutes manage the selection and follow up of their students with a heavy and costly process.

    LGI developed and deployed a web portal for the institute and its students, which allows the online management of applications, payments and academic curriculums. This tailored tool includes back-office automating processes for: the organisation of exams, inputting grades into the system and sending mail. Each year, we facilitate the dematerialisation of tens of thousands of applications, potentially saving several thousand euros for our clients.

    Years: Since 2008

    Sector: Aeronautics, Space, Security & Defence

    As part of its sector-specific regulatory missions, a public authority was looking to professionalise its anomaly tracking process with a unique tool that replaces a series of business applications.

    LGI developed a portal allowing centralising access to tools and data in order to track and address anomalies in real time.

    Years: 2012

    Sector: Health

    A coherent information system is key in the extensively-regulated public health environment. In the frame of a wide-ranging unification programme, LGI contributed to the definition of a national health facility’s new system architecture, which allowed to upgrade their information system while guaranteeing the security of sensitive data.

  • In addition to our tailored development services, LGI offers off-the-shelf software and web solutions for collaboration, communication and education. They incorporate best practices from our hands-on experience with customer projects and can be customised to match our clients’ requirements.

    Our solutions can either be hosted on the cloud, deployed in a SaaS mode or transferred under a licensing agreement. You can choose individual modules according to our needs.

    All of our products rely on a single back-office, meaning that horizontal features are managed in a single place:

    • Social data: users evolve in a social media environment and manage unified personal information for all our solutions
    • Structural data: organisational directory, financial management, event logs…
    • IT security: our software and hardware comply with state-of-the art cybersecurity standards

    Our software suite also includes consolidated online dashboards, collecting data from all of our platforms and which can be 100% customised to customer requirements.

    Some of the solutions presented will only be fully available in the coming months.

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    Collaboration software

    Based on our comprehensive experience with open innovation and collaborative research we have shaped and developed a number of online tools supporting cooperation networks: our collaborative software suite supports the emergence, development, implementation and dissemination of innovative projects.

    • Open Innovation Platform
      An online portal designed to facilitate open innovation, from ideation to emergence of joint projects to delivery of innovative products and services. Our software embeds principles of open innovation, phase-gate development, and social networking. Find out more about our Open Innovation Platform.

    • Document Management Platform* 
      An integrated online document management system, including several innovative features such as embedded quality assurance, multimedia display, mobile compatibility, and so on.

      The document publication workflow is now available and the complete application will be released in 2014.

    • Product Community Portal
      A web portal built around an individual product or service, for structured dialogue between the developer and the customers – typical use cases are for pushing upgrade notifications to all users, or to collect customer feedback before implementing novel ideas around the product.

    • Competitive Call Platform* 
      A portal to manage calls for projects, for partners, or for pretty much anything that require submitting applications answering a call for tenders. Features include publication, online tendering, monitoring, statistics and post-processing of the call.

    • Portfolio Management Platform*
      A web platform to visualise in a snapshot the performance indicators of a bunch of projects – making it the one-stop shop for decision-makers to monitor their portfolio and make the best choice.

    Public communication software

    • Public Website
      A typical website template, built from our experience for fast-tracking website launch – ideal for a collaborative project or a startup venture.

    • Event Management & Billing Platform*
      An online solution for practical aspects of event management – registrations & cancellations, participation monitoring & statistics, electronic badges, payment & billing.

    HR & Education software

    • Job Board
      An online, collaborative job board: members of the company or network can advertise job openings, and process the applications online. Job positions are usually public, and applicants can apply online. This is typically deployed in a cluster or network as a service to its members; it is also valuable for facilitating recruitments for individual companies.

    • Time & Expense Log
      The perfect tool for logging time, activity, and expense notes for your personnel. Features include hourly or daily logs, consistency warnings, fully customised activity modelling, VAT management for expenses, and use traceability. User-friendliness will ensure immediate adoption by your staff. Forget spreadsheets! Ideal for small-to-medium entities wishing to ensure quality and traceability in their time and expense recording, while not burdening people with complex HR software.

    • Trainee Management Platform
      A portal to be deployed in any higher education & training institute, in order to manage student applications and follow-up during their traineeship.

    • Pedagogical Management Platform
      A second platform for education & training institutes, in order to manage pedagogical content, courses and trainer planning.

      *Fully available in 2014