Communication & Design

Communicate at the right time, right place with the right message in the right way.

  • LGI offers integrated communication services that focus on developing effective offline and online strategies.

    • Communication strategy

    Listening to our clients is at the heart of our assignments. To build a successful communications effort, we work hand in hand with our clients and partners to:

      • Define the issue and communications objectives
      • Identify and comprehend their audiences, the competition, threats and opportunities
      • Create a shared vision of where we’re aiming to go and define the actions to get there

    With a deep understanding of strategic corporate communication, LGI is familiar with the day-to-day challenges facing organisations of any size.

    Our actions are based on collected insights and data that we analyse in order to identify the most effective messages and channels to reach them at the right time and place with valuable content.

    • Digital strategy and presence

    Existing and being visible on the web is key in today’s world, whether to promote your business or to build your brand. LGI supports companies and consortiums to build an effective online strategy through designing, developing and managing websites, blogs, mobile sites, applications, wikis and forums.

    Because social media can be your best opportunity for taking your relationships a step further and engaging your audience, we help you develop your social media strategy and manage your accounts to boost your image online.

    • Editorial services

    We provide editorial services spanning a wide range of sectors – from the more complex and technical to the lighter side of life.

    Our work covers planning, writing, editing, proofreading and publishing internal and external publications, newsletters, flyers, print and online news and feature writing, blog posts, audio and video scripts, editorials, factsheets…

    • Event management

    LGI provides “turnkey event management”: Whether you are planning a customer event, product launch, conference, workshop, road show, press event or any other type of marketing gathering, we can help you create an experience that delivers on your business goals.

    As your event partner, we can imagine the right atmosphere, look and feel to inspire your team, engage your community and attract the media. We offer a full event management service with a partnership approach: we take care of all the planning and details, from venue and vendor selection, entertainment, speaker management, communication and dissemination, conference paper and proceeding coordination, event registration and payment services and more.

    • Design

    We offer graphic services that are consistent, creative and smart to ensure your visibility and reflect your values and goals:

      • Visual identity: logo, typography, colour, materials and graphics used to represent your brand, product or company
      • Brochures, newsletters, reports, posters, flyers
      • Web design
    • Contractor coordination

    We work and manage external contractors, when building business partnerships or when acting on behalf of our clients. We coordinate the services of designers, photographers, exhibitors, conference centres, printmakers, logistical companies and mock-up manufacturers, to name but a few.

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