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LGI moderates workshop at the Low Carbon City World Forum

LGI’s Daniele Kielmanowicz moderated a workshop at the Low Carbon City Forum focused on facilitating citizen engagement and enabling policy co-creation to promote the energy transition. The policy recommendations built in this workshop have been posted on WE.ACTUM,  an open platform designed by LGI and fully dedicated to energy policy, where citizens can contribute to better energy policies by submitting their own recommendations and assessing other citizens’ ideas. Join in and become an ideator for the energy transition!


As part of the ENTRUST European project which focuses on the social dimension of the energy system, LGI developed a Policy Toolkit methodology to facilitate citizen engagement and enable policy co-creation. LGI’s Daniele Kielmanowicz have therefore been moderating a policy co-creation workshop at Forum Low Carbon City using the above-mentioned methodology. During this workshop, participants were divided into four groups: each group had to consider the different factors influencing behaviour change and brainstorm about measures that could be implemented to foster the energy transition. Suggestions made by the participants will go towards promoting the following behaviour changes:

  • Increase the practice of car sharing
  • Increase the purchase and use of electric vehicles
  • Encourage the use of public transport
  • Encourage automobile commuters to carpool

Images from the event


Daniele Kielmanowicz

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For more details visit the ENTRUST website