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LGI to explore the human factor in energy transitions

entrustWhen managing the transition towards a more sustainable energy system, we need to think beyond technology, as the human factor plays a central role in this shift. Awareness, attitudes, risk perception, behaviour and investments of consumers and other actors in society have a strong impact on the development of our energy system.

The European ENTRUST project, launched in May, will contribute to this transition by providing an in-depth understanding of how technological systems and socio-demographic factors shape human behaviour towards energy. This will be done through an extensive mapping of Europe’s energy system, including the key actors & their intersections, technologies, markets, policies and innovations.

The role of gender will also be highlighted through intersectional analyses of energy-related behaviour and attitudes towards energy technologies. They will assess how multiple identities and social positions shape practices and the results will be integrated into a transitions management framework, taking account of the complex meshing of human values and technological systems.

ENTRUST logo_1 (1)The third key paradigm feeding into the research is the concept of energy citizenship, with a key goal for ENTRUST to enable individuals to overcome the barriers stemming from gender, age and socio-economic status and allow them to become active participants in their own energy transitions.

The new knowledge and insights on our energy system gained in the project will also help to enhance stakeholder engagement in Europe’s transition.

Finally, to boost public engagement, five very different communities across Europe will be invited to co-design their own energy transition. The consortium members, made up of a diverse array of expertise, will assist and monitor reflexively these communities as they work to transform their energy behaviours, generating innovative transition pathways and business models capable of being replicated elsewhere in Europe.

LGI Consulting, as a partner and work package leader in the project, will assess the energy policy environment incorporating contemporary best practices in promoting energy transitions at a Europe-wide level. LGI will also explore new business models to support the innovative transition pathways proposed in ENTRUST.

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