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LGI designs innovative business models for smart cities and communities

Eva Boo running co-creation business model workshopAs part of the European READY project, LGI ran a co-creation workshop from 22-24 August to design new and innovative business models to make cities more sustainable.

READY aims to develop and implement innovative alternatives in order to reduce the need for fossil fuels in two demonstration sites located in Denmark and Sweden. These innovative solutions include photovoltaic thermal (PVT) solar cells, low-temperature district heating, heat-driven appliances, and sustainable mobility solutions, among others.

The project began in December 2014. Since then, LGI has carried out a market analysis to assess integrated options, their characteristics, local conditions and the main stakeholders involved in order to evaluate the expected European market for the solutions demonstrated in READY.

LGI is now working on designing innovative green business models for these integrated solutions, while ensuring their overall economic viability.

In this context, a workshop was organised in Aarhus (Denmark) during three days with all of the READY partners to identify new business model options and receive feedback on LGI’s ideas.

readyValue Proposition Design was one of the methodologies used to establish a customer profile canvas for the potential customers of these products and services. In addition, LGI introduced the Business Environment methodology to present the different stakeholders and technologies that are involved in each integrated solution. Participants were then divided into groups to work on multiple scenarios and a collective brainstorming session allowed to discuss and define all of the possible links that existed between stakeholders.

The workshop wrapped up with an analysis of LGI’s business model ideas and their feasibility and potential implementation.

LGI, as an enabler of sustainable innovation, works towards developing new approaches to brainstorming and new ways of running co-creation workshops that change the traditional way of thinking. A second workshop will take place in Växjö (Sweden) at the end of September to present the final business model options for the integrated systems of the READY project.

Camille Auriault
Innovation Strategy Consultant

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