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Innovative water recycling solutions: LGI to deliver market study and exploitation plan

demEAUmedWater is the foundation of life, sustaining ecosystems and regulating our climate. However it is not an infinite resource and less than 1% of the world’s fresh water is accessible for our direct use. Studies show that large quantities of water are wasted in Europe and that it could cut its overall consumption by about 40%.

In this context, the Mediterranean region is one of the most affected areas in Europe by water issues: in addition to domestic and industrial water consumption, the tourism sector requires a lot of water resources. Some areas regularly face serious drought conditions, such as Andalucía or Murcia in Spain with even a risk of desertification.

To tackle this challenge, the European project demEAUmed was officially launched on 20-21 February 2014. The project’s main goal is to involve industry representatives, stakeholders, policy-makers and technical and scientific experts in the demonstration and promotion of innovative technologies for an optimal and safe closed water cycle in Euro-Mediterranean tourist facilities.

demEAUmed aims to prevent water scarcity in Mediterranean countries while taking account of the importance of tourism in their economies. The project will be an important showcase for strengthening the link between the water and tourism sectors and a platform to promote the use of sustainable innovative technologies in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The use of alternative sources of water, such as treated rainwater and groundwater or the reuse of wastewater and grey water after treatment for hotel installations or recreational areas will help these resorts reduce their daily fresh water consumption.

LGI Consulting, as a partner and work package leader in the project, will assess market barriers and opportunities for the implementation of identified solutions and will study the strategies for the market penetration of the solutions demonstrated in the project.

LGI will perform:

  • Market analysis: surveys, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the market size, opportunities and barriers, product definition and benchmarking.
  • Exploitation management: strategic market positioning of the technologies, business modelling and business planning.
  • Knowledge management planning: Protection of intellectual property rights.

15 organisations from 7 different countries comprise the demEAUmed consortium. The project is coordinated by LEITAT, a technological centre in Spain, and is co-financed under the Environment theme within the EU’s 7th Framework Programme and will run for 42 months.

For more information on demEAUmed please visit the project’s web page or contact us here.water