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horizon-2020-trainingThe first call for proposals under Horizon 2020, the EU’s new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, were launched in December 2013. The programme will run from 2014-2020 with a budget of €70 billion to fund research and innovation projects across Europe.

It is essential to be one step ahead of the game and prepare for the forthcoming challenges in the years running up to 2020. Fully understanding the new scheme of H2020 and its participation and administrative rules, as well as the differences with the previous FP7 programme is a key asset for organisations that wish to participate in H2020 projects.

We have been involved in more than 30 funded European projects in many technology areas since FP6 and have raised more than €110 million. We have also been very active and successful in the first calls of HORIZON 2020 across sectors, in particular energy, transport, smart cities, climate, circular economy and health.

With our first-hand experience, the feedback gathered and the lessons-learned based on these first calls, we have refined the content of our courses to deliver the most relevant and precise information and tips that will help you prepare and write winning proposals and manage your project efficiently.

They are tailored for participants from research organisations, SMEs, industry and public administrations who are either new to EU research programmes or who are experienced in EU projects under the previous Framework Programmes.


What some of our clients have said about our training…

  • …”productive and helpful…” Michael Stitt, Research Funding Manager (Scotland)
  • “You should try it, after LGI training you change the way of thinking about EU projects.” Ewa Bilska, Air Force Institute of Technology (Poland)
  • “A good synthesis of Horizon 2020, very clear and not too academic.” Carine Ternest, European Industrial Research Management Association (Brussels)
  • “Experienced lecturers, excellent location and appropriate timing at the beginning of the 2014-2020 Framework Programme to get used to EC procedures…” Gina Fintineru, University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest (Romania)
  • “…efficient and friendly atmosphere…” Stephane Bourg, CEA (France)


Our Trainers

Our trainers are Senior Consultants who have years of practical experience and knowledge in previous and ongoing EU FP6 and FP7 collaborative projects and now HORIZON 2020. Their expertise focuses on all aspects relating to drafting project proposals, setting up consortia in a variety of sectors and managing collaborative projects.

During the sessions, they share their personal insights, experiences and understanding of the EU framework programme to ensure you have the ability to apply what you have learnt during the courses.

H2020 training team 1

Note for French trainees: 
LGI Consulting is a French certified training institution, registered with the DIRECCTE under number 11 75 44960 75. All of our training courses are eligible for DIF funding.


Our Training Courses

Training sessions (courses and Masterclass) are held at LGI’s office in Paris – with a maximum number of 11 and 14 participants, respectively. Courses may be organised on request at our office in Brussels (minimum of 4 participants).

We also offer ‘in-house’ training: our consultants provide training at your premises (in and outside Europe) and develop tailored courses based on your needs.

Calendar 2017/2018

A discount rate is applied starting with the third person registering from your organisation. Please contact us directly for more information.

SessionsDatesPrice (excl. VAT)
Session 613 December 2017 - H2020 presentation and Rules of the Game (admin, finance, etc)
14 December 2017 - How to write a winning proposal
15 December 2017 - Project management and Communication
€ 590 / 1 day
€ 1550 / 3 days
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Session 728 February 2018 - H2020 presentation and Rules of the Game (admin, finance, etc)
01 March 2018 - How to write a winning proposal
02 March 2018 - Project management and Communication
€ 590 / 1 day
€ 1550 / 3 days
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Session 806 June 2018 - H2020 presentation and Rules of the Game (admin, finance, etc)
07 June 2018 - How to write a winning proposal
08 June 2018 - Project management and Communication
€ 590 / 1 day
€ 1550 / 3 days
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Open rates

Location: LGI offices in Paris

1-day courses: Courses 1-3

€ 590 / participant

3-day course: H2020 Masterclass

€ 1550 / participant

In-house rates

Training at clients' location

1-day courses: Courses 1-3

1-10 persons: € 2800
> 10 persons: Please contact us directly for pricing

3-day course: H2020 Masterclass

1-10 persons: € 7500
> 10 persons: Please contact us directly for pricing

To book in-house training, please contact us directly: training.h2020@lgi-consulting.com